Zain Cash

Zain Cash, is a leading payment service provider in Jordan, providing a portfolio of significant digital financial services to corporates and various advanced solutions in the booming fintech realm; in addition to tailoring many innovative mobile financial solutions to customers with the highest levels of security and convenience.

Zain Cash is the perfect convenient tool for corporates and individuals to conduct all financial transactions and processes, with no need to spend any time and effort.

Originally launched in 2011, Zain Cash has been providing the first of its kind electronic services and products in the Middle East. Then it relaunched in 2014, with a broader scope, richer portfolio, a more comprehensive and integrated ecosystem.

Customers can use Zain Cash for both in-store and online payments, paying bills, transfering money, buying e-vouchers, receiving funds and salaries and much more. On the other hand, corporates can use their Zain Cash “business wallet” to disburse salaries and receive payments from customers, by choosing from the multiple payment solutions provided. Zain Cash offers multiple ways of financial services, as partnering with major governmental institutions and INGOs. Zain Cash opens wallets for the beneficiaries to receive their monthly funds, in addition to increasing the awareness of how to use and benefit from the wallet services.

Millennials and Generation Z play a great role in using digital financial services and need Zain Cash in their daily life by adopting the ‘Cashless Approach’ which enables customers to use the NFC and QR code technologies for quick payments. This has changed the overall payment behavior in major sectors such as education, health, insurance, and logistics.

زين كاش

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