Zain Cash

Zain Cash is a leading digital payment services provider in Jordan.

The company aims to make people’s lives easier, by offering its state-of-the-art digital payment services.

The mission of Zain Cash is to build a more inclusive and cashless ecosystem by reshaping payment habits while offering the most convenient, secure, and simple financial services. Its vision is to become the Go-To fintech provider for ‘anything digital financial services’.

The seamless payment solutions of Zain Cash are tailored for businesses too. Transferring employee salaries, handling per diem payments, and accepting payments from customers are made easier and safer. With Zain Cash, both individuals and businesses can conduct their day-to-day financial transactions instantly, securely, and cashless.

Ever since it was launched in 2011, and as part of Zain Jordan, Zain Cash continues to offer the most innovative, practical, and intuitive payment services that are designed for everyone.

Zain Cash’s e-wallet is the ultimate solution for individuals to make instant and secure in-store and online payments, pay bills, purchase e-vouchers, receive funds, and much more.

The company is always on the lookout for the most innovative payment solutions to offer its customers an exceptional experience.

With CliQ, the instant payment features available on Zain Cash, money transfers are easier and faster than ever! It allows users to transfer and receive money to and from any user in Jordan, registered in the CliQ service. International remittances can also be done instantly with Western Union and effortlessly with competitive exchange rates, through the Zain Cash wallet.

In addition to the standard Zain Cash prepaid card, which offers customers a variety of benefits, Zain Cash offers loyal customers the PRO card which opens the door to a whole new world of exclusive offers and discounts that are carefully crafted to match the unique interests and lifestyle of each customer. 

زين كاش

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