UWallet, the innovative payment service provider, is designed to enable users to manage their financial transactions through their mobile phones safely, efficiently, and rapidly via an innovative digital transaction platform. Through UWallet, individuals and corporates can make immediate payments, transfer funds, and make purchases easily and safely through advanced solutions that limit the need to deal with cash and reduce the risk of theft and loss.
In 2022, UWallet made significant strides in the ewallet industry in Jordan. The company partnered with imoPay and launched the service in Jordan, which was a remarkable achievement and showed UWallet's commitment to bringing new and innovative payment solutions to its market. Additionally, UWallet partnered with DuSave to provide UWallet customers with added value and additional discounts, which helped drive adoption and loyalty.
Another noteworthy service offered by UWallet is the IMT to IBAN service, which allows customers to receive their international payments directly to their wallet or bank account. UWallet has also introduced an eCommerce payment gateway, which allows customers to make electronic payments using an alias or phone number.
The UWallet consortium consists of Umniah, which holds 66% of shares, and six major Jordanian banks including Cairo Amman Bank, Bank of Jordan, Bank al Etihad, Arab Jordan Investment Bank, Jordan Ahli Bank, and the Housing Bank; in addition to Network International and the Microfund for Women.
UWallet, is a licensed payment service provider by the Central Bank of Jordan and operates under the National Mobile Payment Switch as AlHulool for Mobile Payments. 

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