Tesco provides a wide range of advanced business solutions in the areas of office automation and printing; digitization of financial and banking solutions; employee time attendance and access control; security and surveillance; and software development and support.

Tesco’s bespoke solutions fulfil clients’ specific operational needs and focus on improving their efficiency and overall business performance.

Tesco’s client portfolio extends to government, non-government and private sector institutions throughout Jordan and the region. Tesco has established long-term partnerships with key government departments and ministries; banks and financial institutions; telecom and healthcare providers, as well as educational institutions and production printing houses. While the bulk of Tesco’s work remains in Jordan, it recently expanded its presence to the wider region proudly serving new clients who have selected Tesco to be their new trusted and reliable partner.

Tesco is committed to working with top international suppliers renowned for their expertise and cutting-edge technology. In doing so, Tesco has been able to deliver innovative and agile solutions to its partners over the years in line with industry standards, guaranteeing the total satisfaction of its clients.

Tesco recognizes the importance of offering timely and effective after-sale support to clients and has thus invested heavily in building a team of highly trained engineers, who maintain a wide presence across the country, operating in all 12 governorates. Their widespread physical presence ensures minimal business disruptions, earning Tesco its reputation of offering one of the best after sale support services in the country.

Tesco’s growing loyal client base is testimony to this.


Government, NGOs, Financial Institutions, Academic Institutions, Press, Telecom, Insurance, Private Sector.

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