Tanda Smart

Tanda is a financial solutions platform that capitalizes on the need for alternative banking products in a region characterized with high financial exclusion. First in Jordan and only fourth regionally, Tanda currently offers a digitized ROSCA and is continuously adding new financial products to serve the financially unserved and underserved adult population in the region, specifically women and youth. Tanda will give these segments the ability to participate in the economy while consuming products that improve their financial health.

Tanda has developed its own risk management model to manage default payments and has its own credit scoring mechanism to ensure that users on the platform are capable of making their payments, thus reducing the risk of default. As such, Tanda offers a better experience, yet is more than two times cheaper than regional players in terms of transaction fee due to a proprietary tool developed inhouse called Tanda Dynamic Scoring™ that helps reduce risk by almost 50%. Tanda is still validating its ability to work over time, but early results show very strong success.


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