Tamweelcom (Jordan Micro Finance Company)

Tamweelcom (Jordan Microfinance Company) started with JD 30,000, five employees, and one branch in 1999; with the purpose of elevating employment rates, fostering socioeconomic advancement and empowering low-income individuals within Jordan.

Today Tamweelcom, and after many milestones, has JD 63 million portfolio, serving more than 98,300 active clients and enterprises through over 500 employees spread across a network of 39 branches.

Tamweelcom caters to underserved income generating enterprises and financially excluded citizens through a diverse range of financial services for serving the retail sector to improve the living standards of the retail clients (individuals and groups) by financing education, medication, marriage costs, home improvements, vehicles licensing and maintenance, and energy efficient appliances; as well as the business sector by offering financial solutions for micro and small enterprises to support growth and business sustainability of MSEs which constitute the majority of enterprises in the Jordanian economy. Moreover, these financing solutions are supplemented with complementary products and services, such as digital financial services and non-financial services, and conducted within the context of the microfinance Universal Standards for Social Performance Management, including client protection principles and high customer service levels.

Tamweelcom has embarked on a digital transformation strategy focused on promoting the use of digital payment and transaction channels, such as E-Wallet and eFAWATEERcom bill payment to facilitate the loan disbursement process and loan repayment process, in addition to Tamweelcom’s mobile application which serves the company's existing and potential clients in line with their needs to obtain various services in a digital way that ensures benefiting from the services quickly, easily and safely.

As an effective and responsible financial institution, Tamweelcom provides non-financial services to empower, support and raise awareness for its beneficiaries and among the local communities, by organizing and conducting non-financial activities and initiatives such as, bazaars, free medical days, awareness sessions, and capacity building workshops. As a part of supporting its beneficiaries, Tamweelcom offers the “Aman” Service for its beneficiaries in the cases of death or disability. Nevertheless, Tamweelcom organizes a series of social responsibility activities and initiatives for the benefit of local communities in partnership with local organizations and institutions.

Tamweelcom operates in accordance with the international standards of global Microfinance Institutions (MFIs); following a practical and sustainable approach that drives the company forward through honesty, transparency and integrity. Tamweelcom’s scope of work complies with the legal and regulatory framework of the Central Bank of Jordan.

Tamweelcom’s approach and business model is continuously evolving to stay current, competitive, and committed to providing access to responsible finance that creates sustainable enterprises, job opportunities and improves the standards of living for the ordinary, unbanked and underbanked citizens in Jordan. 

تمويلكم ( الشركة الأردنية لتمويل المشاريع الصغيرة)

• Number of disbursed loans since Inception 1,062,850 loan
• Amount of disbursed loans since Inception 664,509,340 JD
• Number of beneficiaries since Inception 388,225 client
• Number of branches 39 Branch

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