TAMKEEN Leasing is a subsidiary of INVESTBANK, established to cater to the economic opportunities and growing financial leasing sector in Jordan.

TAMKEEN targets a wide customer base that includes retail, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and large companies through financing their fixed assets, either in the form of Financial or Operational Leasing.

TAMKEEN offers a full set of operational and financial leasing services with a sector specific approach. The creative financing services are addressed to individuals, SMEs and corporates to help them achieve their financial goals.

TAMKEEN’s vision is to be one of the main leaders in the leasing market, through providing innovative and relevant asset-based financing solutions to potential clients according to the best international practices.

TAMKEEN cater to the sectors of Automotive (Vehicle, Trucks, and heavy transportation), Real Estate, Office Equipment, Sports Equipment, Medical and Office Equipment, Clean and Renewable Energy, Entrepreneurs and Start-Up Businesses, the Construction Equipment and Trucks Sector, and to the Industrial Equipment and Production Lines Sector.


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