Tamallak Leasing Company

Tamallak for Financial Leasing is a limited liability company and a subsidiary of Cairo Amman Bank, established in 2013, proceeding with its activities in 2014. The company offers a full range of leasing services, through a number of programs tailored to fit the nature of the lessee’s activities, needs and cash flows. Tamallak serves various economic sectors through its branches in Amman and Irbid.

Tamallak aims to hold a leading position in the financial leasing sector, through exceptional customer service and by offering innovative financial solutions to its partners. By relying on it’s core values of transparency, honesty, quality and creativity, Tamallak strives to meet the needs of its clients by enabling them to obtain means of transportation, proper residences and income generating assets that can contribute to growth and the creation of employment opportunities.

By acting as the investment arm and the Islamic financing window for Cairo Amman Bank in the area of financial leasing, Tamallak provides this service to current and prospective clients; from individuals to companies and corporations, across all the economic sectors. Tamallak also provides alternative non-traditional financial solutions.

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic and in response to the economic impact on various sectors, Tamallak has successfully transformed its way of business by implementing its business continuity plan. On the client side, Tamallak adopts flexible terms and conditions for restructuring liabilities. Tamallak Financial Leasing Company offers to finance multiple fields, through different financial leasing programs including Residential Real Estate for individuals and real estate developers; Transportation for individuals, corporates and car rental companies; Medical and Industrial equipment.

Tamallak’s products are designed to provide suitable solutions for clients, allowing Tamallak to service a wide range of customers, expatriates, self-employed individuals, employees, companies and organizations.

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