Specialized Leasing Company

The Specialized Leasing Company was founded by the Housing Bank on 30/5/2005 as a private shareholding company with a paid up capital of thirty million Jordanian Dinars.

The objectives of the Specialized Leasing Company are to complement the Bank’s mission in providing innovative banking and financing services of high quality to cope with developments in banking markets to meet customer needs, to support the various economic activities and encourage expansion and modernization processes and to develop the concept of funding and provide various alternatives to it.

Finance Leasing is a contractual agreement between the leasing company (lessor) and the customer (lessee), whereby the lessee has the right to use the asset during a specified period of time against a monthly premium agreed upon beforehand (leasing installments). At the end of the agreement, the lessee has the right to the ownership of the asset, either automatically or for an agreed amount with the possibility of buying out the asset by the lessee at any time during the contract period. As a tax benefit; the lessee has the right to depreciate the leased asset and consider the leasing revenue as an expense.

Leasing is available to individuals, establishments and local companies as well as to transport sector, industrial sector, health sector, construction sector, tourism sector, education sector, communications and other services sector.

Clients choose Specialized Leasing Company because it is wholly owned by the Housing Bank and for specialized expertise, clear work procedures and mechanisms, competitive prices and utilization of early installments payment.

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