Solfeh is a private micro-lending institution that started in 2016 in Amman, Jordan. The mission of the organization is to digitize and facilitate the loan process. Solfeh allows everyone to have access to critical financial services.

Emergency cash is easy, quick and painless to access through Solfeh’s streamlined online system. Solfeh embarked on a plan to allow everyone to have access to critical financial services. Solfeh’s vision is “to make obtaining loans easy, simple, and painless.”

The importance of a well-defined program in Solfeh is more than ever before. To this end, Solfeh needs to design systematic approaches that respond to its specific clients, lending methodologies, operating environments, and financial and social performance objectives. The targeted clients and markets have a problem with their personal cash flow; whereby their average incomes are relatively equal. This creates barriers to accessing income from other parties. Therefore, in the case of an emergency (Childcare, Healthcare, Education, Debt Consolidation …etc), they are
not well prepared, which creates a burden.


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