Societe Generale -Jordan Brokerage

Société Générale -Jordan Brokerage was established on 06/06/2006 as an independent limited liability company, fully owned by Société Générale de Banque-Jordanie (SGBJ) with a paid-up capital of JOD 750,000.

On 23/04/2019, the capital of the company was increased by an amount of JOD 2,250,000 to become JOD 3,000,000. This, in return, enabled the company to widen its range of products through providing margin trading. This allows

clients to obtain financing on purchasing securities listed on Amman Stock Exchange (ASE), in addition to the main brokerage products of trading securities listed on Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) on behalf of clients and providing financial recommendations and studies on the same.

Being the financial brokerage arm for Société Générale de Banque- Jordanie, the company makes all efforts to attract investors to contribute to the Jordanian financial market by providing competitive financial services consistent with the regional and global developments in the brokerage markets.

Société Générale – Jordan Brokerage has a team with a wide experience in the field of financial brokerage and customer service which is always directed towards meeting the needs of existing and potential clients ensuring efficiency and high quality.

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