SGBJ Leasing

SGBJ Leasing Company has been incorporated according to Central Bank of Jordan and the Companies Control Department approval, as an independent Private Shareholding Company with a capital of 5 million, under registry No. 1216, dated 20/09/2017.

SGBJ Leasing Company is a 100%-owned sister company of Societe General de Banque - Jordanie (SGBJ). It’s capital is five million Jordanian Dinars, and is specialized in financial leasing activities, which is financing the acquisition of fixed assets via a lease-to-own approach.

The company facilitates the acquisition of long-lived depreciable fixed assets for a wide variety of individuals including public and private sectors employees, private business owners, professionals, freelancers, and companies of different sizes (small, medium, and large). Moreover, the company especially aims to support and develop the growth of the industrial and real estate development sectors.

The company’s set of goals include delivering its services to a wide variety of retail and corporate clients, providing efficient and professional services, diversifying and upgrading services, and introducing new products in the future, as well. Moreover, and as a strategic goal of the company, it aims at expanding and growing its business through attracting a growing number of clients of different types.

Finally, SGBJ Leasing Company has attracted a highly educated, experienced, and professional leasing team in order to be able to provide elite services to its targeted clients.

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