SEDRAPAY is a leading provider of payment technology and integrated software solutions. Founded in 2018, due to the rapid need for digital transformation, the company provides cutting edge payments and software solutions to enterprise businesses to simplify their services and cultivate their vision of success.

Leveraging its professional presence and deep market expertise, SEDRAPAY delivers highly competitive solutions regionally, to meet your financing and investment needs. Products include digital onboarding, wallet management system, identity verification, compliance solutions, and loyalty rewards systems.

The mission of SEDRAPAY is to create an effective and professionally designed tools, including components and open APIs, built on the latest technologies and micro-services architecture, allowing clients working in payments and fintech to create web and mobile apps with a rich interface and fast performance with minimum time and effort.

The plug-in components are easy-to-use and feature-rich allowing you to fit them perfectly into your solutions, in any field and of any complexity. Features included in each component are based on plug-and-play. So, you can choose any feature you need within the component and integrate it into your solution or application. The professional team of experienced software developers SEDRAPAY can help you build the modern web and mobile apps you need.

The vision of SEDRAPAY is to maintain the leading edge in technology by establishing long-lasting partnerships, through innovative and reliable payment solutions.

SEDRAPAY is proud to be the winner of the Outliers competition, organized by Hub71 in the United Arab Emirates in 2021, where MasterCard International selected SEDRAPAY for its innovative and scalable end-to-end solution, and adopted its product to market it to their customers. 

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