National Health Insurance Administration Co. (NatHealth) was established in 1997 as a third-party administration (TPA) company, to manage health insurance policies, corporate self-funded health plans, and other employee benefits.

NatHealth is a full-service TPA exhibiting a competitive edge with a history of delivering the highest quality of service, through its dedicated team of customer care specialists and benefit advisors. The company offers a full array of integrated services designed to provide its clients with the highest standards of quality and savings in claims administration and management of benefit plans.

Utilizing NFC technology in the field of medical insurance is one of the pioneering concepts of NatHealth, not only at the regional level but worldwide, whereby such coverage depends on electronic integration of all medical entities by using premium quality mechanisms in terms of easy usage, speed in receiving the service, and protection of the beneficiaries’ data.

As part of the NatHealth’s continuous initiatives to enhance the healthcare sector in Jordan, and in order to facilitate patient experiences, the E-Health Gate system was successfully launched in 2019 with the objective of elevating the level of medical service and enhancing the efficiency of health management in Jordan.

E-Health Gate platform offers you hassle-free medical solutions as medical forms are no longer needed. All you have to do now is present your smart medical insurance card to your doctor, or any participating medical party, and they will proceed with the needed medical procedure through the dedicated tablets in a smooth and rapid way.

نات هيلث

• ISO 2015 :9001- Quality Management
• ISO 10002:2014 - Customer Satisfaction & Complaints Handling
• ISO 10004:2012 - Customer Satisfaction
• ISO 27001:2013 - Information Security Management

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