Established in 2011, MISC is a financial brokerage company owned by Safwa Islamic Bank that provides shares buying and selling services in the Amman Stock Exchange market following the provisions of Islamic Sharia laws. MISC Financial Brokerage Company combines Islamic values with modern technologies and creativity which distinguishes it in financial brokerage services.

MISC clients can start trading online in the Amman Financial Market with a reduced commission. This electronic trading service allows the client to open a brokerage account and to enter buy and sell orders with securities directly through the Internet. It also allows one to inquire about the clients cash and stock balances in an accurate, easy, and safe manner.

MISC takes pride in introducing new standards for modern Islamic financial services in Jordan with solid foundations and standards that aim to achieve its vision of excellence in providing financial intermediation services to all segments of society, as well as its mission of providing innovative and distinctive financial intermediation services originating from the principles of Islamic Sharia laws to build a sustainable partnership with clients while increasing their levels of benefit.

Moreover, MISC develops products and provides services in accordance with the principles of quality assurance, which are designed to the utmost perfection. It also ensures that the financial solutions package for the provided products and services are built in full harmony with the clients requirements.

The interest of the clients is the key to the success that MISC has already achieved, as the modern concept of Islamic financial services combined with the benefit of its clients have both been a reflection of its commitment to delivering an actual added value by providing the best financial services. 

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