Catering to over 3,500 clients with more than 2 million users around the MENA region, Menaitech specializes in providing cloud-based HR management solutions and services. Balancing a sophisticated HR system with affordable prices, Menaitech developed its automated HR system that reduces manual work while increasing productivity and profit.

MenaHR® is a comprehensive HRMS that digitizes HR functions and streamlines communication as well as data collection and analysis, leading to increased efficiency. The talent management Curio® component of MenaHR is a solution that manages employee career development from hire-to-retire. MenaPAY® is a localized payroll and personnel management solution that automates payroll calculations, while complying with labor laws and organization policies per country. MenaME® is a powerful self-service portal that allows employees to submit requests for overtime and leaves, interact with their managers, run financial claims, and more, while managers can view requests in real time, run analysis reports, and determine the actions they need to take.

The MenaME-Plus+® mobile app provides a channel for manager and employee collaboration and communication. Mena360® is an assessment and evaluation solution that helps recognize employees' strengths and identify areas for improvement. MenaExplorer® is a multidimensional analytics platform that gives you a birds-eye-view of your organization, empowering your team to analyze data and enhance performance. MenaTA® is the time and attendance solution equipped with geolocation that ensures accurate punching in and out, viewing of attendance history, and analyzing employee performance. 


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