Catering to 3,500+ clients with 2+ million users around the MENA region, Menaitech provides advanced cloud-based HR, payroll, and personnel management solutions, suitable to all sectors and ideal for banking and financial services. Balancing a sophisticated HR system with affordable prices, Menaitech empowers institutions to enhance efficiency, compliance, and profit, so business and finance institutions can focus on core priorities with smooth operation and team management.

MenaHR® (Curio) is a comprehensive HR solution with advanced talent management modules for employee and manager skill and career development from hire to retire. MenaPAY® is an automated solution for accurate, real-time financial readings and personnel operations that integrate local regulations. MenaME®, with its mobile app version MenaME-Plus+®, is a powerful self-service portal that allows employees and managers to collaborate in processing personnel and financial requests, run reports, and make strategic decisions.

MenaSME® is the first lite HRMS on the cloud that also functions in Arabic. Suitable for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), it is a payroll, HR, personnel, and self-service system for managers and employees. Mena360® is an assessment and evaluation solution that helps recognize employee strengths and identify areas for improvement. MenaExplorer® is a multidimensional analytics platform that gives a birds-eye-view of organizations, empowering teams to analyze data and enhance performance. MenaTA® is the time and attendance solution equipped with geolocation that ensures accurate punching in and out, viewing of attendance history, and analyzing employee performance. 


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