MadfoatCom is a leading fintech and artificial intelligence company that enables businesses, governments, and end-to-end users to access state-of-the-art digital financial services.

MadfoatCom develops and operates real-time payment processing solutions and services with a clear vision to enhance the digital payments scene by innovating financial solutions that are accessible to everyone, anywhere, anytime.

Established in 2011 with partnership and support from Oasis500 and with a long list of local and regional strategic shareholders, MadfoatCom has an unparalleled record of growth year-over-year in terms of transactions, client base, local and foreign investments, valuation, revenues, products portfolio, and professional team. The company grew exponentially mainly driven by recent achievements and continuous innovations.

MadfoatCom has far exceeded expectations, locally and beyond, by seamlessly connecting over 400 billers, 1200 services, 800 agents, 25 banks, and 7 mobile wallets operating in the country into one payment platform accessed by every individual and business. The company is expanding its product portfolio and its footprint in various markets with live implementations in many countries.

In 2014, MadfoatCom launched the famous Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) Service under the supervision of the Central Bank of Jordan, and under the brand of eFAWATEERcom, which was designed to facilitate digital payments to various stakeholders contributing to the ecosystem including online banking, mobile wallets, and local and international credit cards.

Ultimately, MadfoatCom created a network of agents reaching almost every part of Jordan, to serve unbanked customers or those with a cash-favoring mindset, until the full adoption of digital payment channels; processing millions of payments of a value of tens of billions of dollars, while serving all industries and sectors to truly make a positive impact on the lives of Jordanians and the overall economy.

More than a technology provider, MadfoatCom is a full-service business partner handling all aspects of electronic billing and payment. MadfoatCom is committed to the continuous innovation and improvement of its products and services.

شركة مدفوعاتكم للدفع الإلكتروني

Utilities, Telecommunication, Education, Government, Medical & Health, Insurance, Banking, Mobile Wallets, Microfinance, Travel, eCommerce, Energy, Associations, and Media.


• 413+ Billers from the government and private sectors.
• 1297+ Services available.
• 84+ Million bills paid.
• 30+ Billion JOD paid.

Products & Services

• eFAWATEERcom: Online, real-time bill presentment, and payment gateway.
• MadPay: Financial app that allows money transfers, deposits, and withdrawals.
• MadCard: Online shopping vouchers for most popular games and websites.
• MadfoatCom PSP/Agents: Electronic platform and comprehensive system that allows eFAWATEERcom agents to identify users, their balances and reports.
• MadfoatCom Card Issuing: Issuing service that allows creation of virtual cards with complete control.
• MadfoatCom Payment Gateway: Payment gateway offering Merchants an end-to-end payment solution for cards and other payment methods.
• AI Rank: Credit scoring system that collects the credit behavior of customers and reflects the economic value within the data.

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