Jerusalem Insurance Co. (JICO)

The main focus of Jerusalem Insurance Co. (JICO) is providing businesses, families and individuals across the country with the best innovative and exclusive solutions through years of experiences in creating unique and ingenious insurance products and services.

JICO entered the business world in 1975, with a total paid up capital of JOD 160,000. Since then, JICO’s paid up capital has continued to grow. It reached JOD 1.5 million in 1982 and JOD 3 million in 1998. The paid-up capital is currently JOD 8 million, while assets have reached JOD 37 million by the end of 2020.

JICO has developed into one of the leading insurance providers in Jordan, offering its services through its head office in Amman and a large network of agencies spread all over the country.

JICO is committed to providing businesses, families and individuals across the country with the best, innovative and most exclusive solutions that will ensure protection of their property, assets, employees, earnings and liabilities on a cost-effective basis.

JICO is known for its exceptional management team, and is backed by dedicated employees with combined skills and expertise.

JICO offers a combination of life and non-life insurance solutions to industrial and commercial enterprises, as well as individuals and families.

The company’s robust and innovative portfolio of commercial and personal tailor-made protection solutions cover the different classes of businesses.

JICO’s vision is to be recognized as the most trusted and respected insurance provider in Jordan. Its mission is to deliver the best value to its stakeholders through offering the best product with exceptional customer service by using the most recent and innovative technological methods; providing the best working environment; and achieving the best combination of profit and growth.

The values of JICO are integrity, excellence, transparency, dedication, innovation, social and environmental responsibility.

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Main Financial Indicators (end of 2020):
• Solvency Margin 227%
• Total Assets JOD 36,899,451
• Total Shareholder’s Equity JOD 14,323,332
• Gross Premium JOD 21,673,263
• Technical Reserves JOD 17,283,943
• Investments JOD 25,973,428
• Bank Deposits JOD 17,927,344
• Share Book Value JOD 1.79
• Gross Profit (before tax) JOD 1,712,689

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