Jerusalem Insurance Co. (JICO)

Year after year, JICO has worked day and night to provide the highest levels of insurance services designed to respond to the evolving needs of individuals and companies alike.

Established in 1975, Jerusalem Insurance (JICO) set foot on a mission to provide the Kingdom with simple and innovative insurance solutions packaged and delivered through years of commitment to excellence and credibility. JICO has kept a meticulous track record of service excellence and product superiority since.

At its helm, JICO is spearheaded by a distinguished talent pool whose vision and values align with that of the organization, working tirelessly to lead the industry with disruptive strategies, innovative solutions, and exceptional service.

Since the establishment of the company, JICO has been drawing the path towards being one of the insurance pioneers in the Kingdom, by providing a wide range of life insurance solutions and other specialized insurance for individuals, families, and companies, through the wide network of its branches available across the Kingdom.

With a capital that has grown from JD 160,000 in 1975 to JD 8,000,000, JICO’s undisputed financial growth has allowed for strategic investments in infrastructure, customer support, innovation, and digital development.

This financial growth has enabled the business to deliver simplified and seamless experiences anywhere and anytime.

The vision of Jerusalem Insurance (JICO) is born from its social responsibility towards the community and its commitment to achieving long-term sustainable development. Thus, the company remains dedicated to staying informed of the latest trends and technologies to further enhance its impact on society and to drive community progress forward. 

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