Innovative Startups and SMEs Fund (ISSF)

The ISSF is a USD 98 million fund established in 2017 and registered in Jordan as a private shareholding company. The fund was established as a partnership between the Central Bank of Jordan, with USD 48 million investment, and USD 50 million from the World Bank.

The ISSF is committed to facilitating funding for Jordanian early-stage startups and SMEs through investments in venture capital funds as well as direct investment in startups.

The ISSF endeavors to foster a thriving and supportive entrepreneurial environment that enables promising local entrepreneurs to transform innovative projects into sustainable startups, generate jobs for Jordanian men and women, and prompt economic sectors that serve export markets by capitalizing on the creative and technical capabilities of entrepreneurs and management teams across Jordan.

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• Direct investments: 5.03 million dollars in 23 Jordanian startups

• Indirect Investments - Investment in Funds: 36.97 million dollars in 13 funds (China, US, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, etc.) that attracted an additional 70 million dollars to Jordan.

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