Housing Bank

Established in 1973 as a specialized housing finance institution, the Housing Bank is one of the leading banks in Jordan, with the largest and most widely distributed branch network.

In 1997, the Housing Bank was converted to a universal bank; offering corporate, retail and investment banking services under one roof.

Today, the Housing Bank extends its comprehensive range of products and services to retail and corporate customers both inside and outside Jordan.

The bank has 109 branches in Jordan, 15 branches in Palestine and one branch in Bahrain. It also owns representative offices in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Tripoli (Libya) and Baghdad (Iraq). In addition to its vast network of branches and representative offices, the bank has three international subsidiaries which are Housing Bank of Algeria (7 branches), International Bank for Trade and Finance in Syria (31 branches), and Jordan International Bank in the UK (1 branch).

Since the beginning, the Housing Bank has been a pioneer in its field. In 1977, it was the first bank in Jordan to introduce savings account prizes. In 1993, the bank introduced the first children branch in Jordan and the Arab World, and the first mobile bus branch in Jordan and the Arab Region in 1975.

Throughout the years, the Housing Bank has earned its position as a leader in Jordan’s banking sector. In 2022, the Housing Bank Group achieved a pre-tax profit of 197.6 million, and an after-tax net profit of JD132.4 million.

Whereas the total assets reached JD8.5 billion at the end of 2022, and the balance of customers’ deposits reached JD5.3 billion. Furthermore, the balance of the total credit facilities portfolio reached JD4.8 billion, and the balance of the equity reached JD1.3 billion.

بنك الاسكان

• The Best Trade Mark from Union World of Arab Bankers.
• The Best Innovative Bank from Banker Middle East.
• The Best Customer Service from International Finance Magazine.
• The Best Jordanian Bank from Banker.
• The Best Jordanian Bank from Euromoney.
• The Best Jordanian Bank from Banker Middle East.
• The Arab World’s Leading Bank in Financial Inclusion from World Union of Arab Bankers.
• “Global Banking and Finance Review” award “Best Project Finance Bank” in Jordan.
• “Global Banking and Finance Review” award “Best Trade Finance Bank” in Jordan.
• The Best Co-Branded Credit Card in Jordan from Emerging Markets Payments (EMP) and Global Banking and Finance Review.
• Best Bank to implement the core banking system from Asian Banker.
• International Star Award, golden and platinum from Business Initiative Directions.
• Arab Quality Award.
• Highest levels of “General Conformance Certificate” with International Internal Audit Standards, by the American Institute of Internal Auditors “IIA” (the first bank in Jordan and the Arab region to obtain such evaluation).
• “Best Provider of Innovation Financial Services - Jordan” awarded by Banker Middle East.
• “Best Bank - Jordan” awarded by Banker Middle East.
• “Best Retail Bank - Jordan” awarded by Global Banking & Finance Review.
• “Most Innovative Corporate Bank - Jordan” awarded by International Finance.
• “Best Trade Finance Bank - Jordan” awarded by World Union of Arab Bankers.

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