Gate to Pay

Jordanian Elaf for Integrated Solutions - Gate To Pay is a Payment Service Provider (PSP), offering steadfast payment services and cutting-edge financial solutions and growth acceleration tools via a secure, reliable online cloud-based platform that is supported by robust backend fraud detection and compliance systems, overseen by subject matter professionals in every business function to ensure regulatory compliance and operational excellence.

The mission of Gate to Pay is to empower businesses with steadfast payment services and deliver forward-thinking, resilient financial solutions and growth acceleration tools, coupled with exceptional service. The company aims to help them optimize operational costs, facilitate growth, and thrive amidst technological shifts, market trends, and regulatory changes within the dynamic payment landscape.

The vision of Gate to Pay is to establish a robust regional payment network tailored for businesses and reshaping the future of digital payments for businesses and consumers in the Arab world region.

Gate to Pay is honored to receive the esteemed Best B2B2C Fintech in Jordan Award from MasterCard. The recognition was presented by MasterCard during a prestigious event in Luxor, Egypt, where MasterCard unveiled its latest products and innovations, while acknowledging outstanding partners across the region. This recognition not only acknowledges the commitment of Gate to Pay to innovation but also celebrates its success in implementing pioneering strategies tailored for fintech and financial institutions, shaping a more robust and rewarding financial landscape across the Middle East.

Gate to Pay empowers diverse industries and user scenarios with services that cater to a wide range of consumers across various industries. Gate to Pay empowers businesses, fintech startups, financial institutions, and more to offer innovative payment solutions to their customers.

Whether you're an individual or part of a larger enterprise, Gate to Pay services are designed to enhance your financial experience.

Gate to Pay covers Insurance and Health Care, Brokerage and Trading, Cashless Society (schools, logistic, distributers) and Corporate Expenses. 


• Samsung: Regional Best Practice for Agent Payment Solution
• Mastercard: Best B2B2C Fintech in Jordan Award
• Mastercard: First issuer of the World Prepaid
• MasterCard: Selected the Gate to Pay technical arm, Sedra, as the winner of the Outliers Challenge.
• Global Economics Award: Most Innovative Digital Payment Solutions Provider
• Pan Finance: Awarded the Gate to Pay partner, Equiti Group, as the Most Innovative Brokerage Company Award 2021 for their Prepaid Mastercard and Mobile App.

Business Statistics

• 17+ Countries
• 118+ Nationalities
• 200+ Corporate
• 120,000+ Active customers


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