ESKADENIA® Software is a leading provider of best-in-class business systems that accelerate digital transformation in several industries. As a three-time MENA award winner and a holder of the CMMI Level 5 certification, ESKADENIA is active in developing and deploying a range of software products in several areas, including insurance, payments, financial management, electronic banking, and customer management.

ESKADENIA software products help companies run and manage their financial transactions and customer relationships quickly and effectively. ESKADENIA systems cover diverse functionalities from marketing and sales to collections, financial management, and electronic payments.

This IT powerhouse is adept in providing comprehensive software systems and solutions to the Insurance market sector, consisting of core insurance and business support systems built in a modular yet integrated structure.

Today, ESKADENIA® Software Company houses around 300 professionals with diverse industry backgrounds, around 85% of which actively work in Research and Development. In addition to offices, customers, and channel partners in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

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