Egyptian Arab Land Bank

The Egyptian Land Bank (EALB) was founded in 1880 with the goal of advancing Egypt's economy. At the time, the bank's first major objective was to contribute to the development of Egypt's agricultural sector. It provided loans to agricultural landowners in order to increase the productivity of their lands and to advance the Egyptian economy, as well as to establish communication concepts with all segments of the local community in order to activate their productive and economic resources, and to develop the construction movement and national development.

Since its establishment, the bank has grown to become one of the region's largest specialized banks, earning a stellar reputation in the banking industry and serving Arabs throughout the region.

EALB established a branch in Palestine in response to the region's turmoil during the first half of the twentieth century and in keeping with its mission of serving all Arabs.

The League of Arab States decided, during its third session in March 1946, to establish the Arab Land Bank under the name of the Arab Real Estate Company, in accordance with an Egyptian royal decree as a joint stock company based in Cairo. This was accompanied by its registration in Palestine, but due to the developments in the Palestinian territories in 1948, the company was unable to commence operations. Following the continuation of the situation in 1951, it was reregistered with Jordanian authorities to operate on both sides of the Kingdom.

In 1999, the Egyptian Council of Ministers issued a decision to rename the bank as the Egyptian Arab Land Bank (EALB) to reflect the new name, vision, and role of the bank in contributing to the development and support of the Arab region's economies. EALB has strived to be a comprehensive model for providing all banking services to the community and an effective contributor to all aspects of economic and social development in the 142 years since its founding. The bank operates as a commercial bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Palestine, offering all-inclusive and integrated corporate and individual banking services to its customers. Despite the numerous internal and external changes that the bank experienced during its work and success, it has remained committed to providing distinguished and reliable banking services to citizens and the Arab economy as a whole.

البنك العقاري المصري العربي

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