Egyptian Arab Land Bank

The Egyptian Arab Land Bank was established in 1880 with the aim of bolstering the cycle of the Egyptian economy. The Bank inaugurated then its first major objectives through contributing to the development of the Egyptian agricultural sector by extending loans to agricultural land owners for the sake of improving their land productivity and enhancing the cycle of the Egyptian economy along with attaining the concepts of communication with all the segments of the local community. These objectives are intended to activate the productive and economic resources of these segments and expend the movement of building and national development.

Since its establishment and for over (139) years, the Bank has realized enormous growth and has today become a specialized major bank in the region and a renowned name in terms of providing banking services and contributing actively to socioeconomic development. The Bank extends services in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Arab Republic of Egypt and Palestine as a regional commercial bank; particularly as the Bank provides comprehensive and well-integrated packages of banking services to its clients comprised of both companies and individuals. The Bank has retained its pioneering role in all difficult times through which the region has been during which the Bank has always assumed its responsibilities and duties. Thus, the Bank has deservedly earned the reputation affiliated to its name as the oldest Bank in the area and which was founded according to a decree issued by Khedive/ Tawfiq on 15 February 1880. That decision provided for establishing a shareholding company in the name of Egyptian Land Bank intended to make a contribution to enhancing the agricultural sector through providing loans to land owners then. In March 1946, the League of Arab States issued a decree to establish the Arab Land Bank in accordance with the Royal Egyptian Decree under the name “Arab Land Company”. The Decree specified the goals of the company in terms of extending support to the Palestinians during Israeli occupation of the Palestinian lands by grating those loans to buy agricultural supplies for their land reclamation. On June 13th, 1999, a presidential decree was adopted merging the (Egyptian Land Bank) with (Arab Land Bank) whereby this decision would be the beginning of the establishment of the bigger Banking entity in Egypt specialized in the field of Land investment and where all commercial activities would take place as a comprehensive commercial bank in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Palestine with the total more than USD 3.2 Billion. On Nov. 16th,1999, the General Assembly of the Arab Land Bank held a meeting whereby it was decided to change the name of the bank to become (Egyptian Arab Land Bank) as of 01.01.2000.

On May 2018, the Bank Management decided to change the institutional identity of the company to promote its image in the current three markets (Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine) under abbreviation of the bank which is EALB with the slogan (We Change … We Innovate) in order to ensure that the new banking identity reflects comprehensive respect for our heritage taking into consideration youth generations requirements. Therefore, a change of the slogan has been updated along with the start of the new phase being launched while retaining the picture of the Dome of the Rock within the new slogan as a symbol of the historical roots for this deep-rooted establishment and its unitary concepts. Over the past 139 years and since establishment thereof, the Bank has nowadays constituted a comprehensive model for extending all banking services and made an effective contribution to all aspects of socioeconomic development. The Bank provides financial services as a comprehensive commercial bank and extends fully-integrated packages of banking services to its clients comprising small, medium and large companies as well as individuals.

البنك العقاري المصري العربي

• Best Bank in Personal Banking - World Union Of Arab Bankers (2019).

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