Catalyst Investment Management / Jordan

Catalyst Investment Management (“Catalyst”) is the first Arab MENA region investment manager specialized in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy/water technology. Catalyst, based in Jordan, is uniquely structured to have a positive strategic and financial impact in Jordan and on the Arab region, with a goal to help create and grow a world-class Jordanian, regional and international base of companies and projects that primarily serve the energy, storage and water treatment sectors.

The Catalyst team is based in Amman, Jordan, and has focused on developing and investing in renewable energy and energy/water technology since 2006. The team is experienced in project development, investment, structuring and operational leadership of international and regional projects and companies focused on regional and international markets. Previously the management team had a significant track record in technology investments and business building.

Catalyst’s initial energy/water venture capital fund invested in various energy technology companies with operations in the UAE, KSA, Egypt, Jordan, Norway, and the Palestine Territories.

Catalyst MENA Clean Energy (CMCE), managed by Catalyst Investment Management Jordan, was launched on July 8th, 2016, and currently has over $57M USD in commitments from its shareholders which include mainly European Government Institutions.

Catalyst through CMCE, has been actively investing in solar power in Jordan and regionally for over 10 years and has developed and/or acquired over 110+ MWp of operational projects in Jordan and Egypt.

Catalyst has a long-term vision regarding its involvement in the projects it develops and invests in, with plans to develop and invest in over 700MW.

كاتاليست انفستمنت مانجمنت / الأردن

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