BLOM Securities

BLOM Securities is a brokerage firm that is 100% owned by BLOM Bank Group, with a paid in capital of JOD 5 million, licensed by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) to conduct financial brokerage activities.

BLOM Securities started operating in Jordan, as a member of BLOM Bank Group, in 2012 as a step towards achieving BLOM Bank Group‘s strategy and continuous efforts to offer a wide range of investment and brokerage services in the Jordanian market.

BLOM Securities offers a wide range of convenient brokerage services that the client would expect, starting from providing information, reports and comments on the Jordanian market (Amman Stock Exchange) and ending with providing quality trade execution on the market.

The company's aim is to perform its services a little differently; to respond more quickly than the client would expect; to give clients the options they hadn’t even thought of; and to make complex deals easy to understand. 

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