Since its establishment, Beyond Capital has focused on building a bridge between the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the investor community as it seeks to transform Jordan into a robust economic ecosystem and further drive employment and GDP Growth.

With seed funding from USAID, Beyond Capital allocates its efforts to increase the viability and scalability of qualified early-stage businesses by looking to improve their access to equity capital in order to cause a multiplier effect, as well as strengthening the technical expertise of angel investors and fund managers (finance entrepreneurs) by increasing exposure and financial resources for fund managers and by increasing the flow of capital by catalyzing early-stage investment activities in entrepreneurial knowledge-based startups.

Start-up Support is provided to companies who have been co-invested in by Beyond Capital.

The Fund Manager Support program focuses on strengthening fund manager capacity, through support programs and direct investments. The Ifada program was designed to empower fund managers from diverse backgrounds to unlock the access to finance challenges, design solutions and grow capability.

Furthermore, Beyond Capital identifies and selects impact funds with a local presence to help them gather momentum by providing seed capital and participating as an LP.

Throughout the years, Beyond Capital has established an active Angel Network created to fill the funding gap and to equip Angels with knowledge and skills needed to navigate the world of early-stage startups. Beyond Capital has also worked with individual 'Scouts' to source investment deals and opportunities that are backed by funding from Beyond Capital.

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