With a seed fund of $10M from USAID, BeyondCapital was established in 2017 to promote the entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem in Jordan. Since then, BeyondCapital has built a wide network leveraged to support a group of portfolio companies, angel Investors and fund managers.

BeyondCapital has adopted an innovative approach consisting of the three pillars of Start- Up Support, Angel Investor Support and Fund Manager Support.

Through the Start-Up Support program, BeyondCapital supports a diverse portfolio of early-stage companies with a tailored program designed to provide selected companies with the knowledge of navigating the ecosystem to grow, explore, and validate their potential of scaling. The program includes subsidized services, access to mentorship, access to networks (potential investors and partnerships) and access to talent to shape their team building process and to stay ahead of their hiring needs.

The Fund Manager Support program focuses on strengthening fund manager capacity, through support programs and direct investments. The Ifada program is designed to empower fund managers from diverse backgrounds to unlock the access to finance challenge, design solutions and grow capability. Furthermore, BeyondCapital identifies and selects impact funds with a local presence to help them gather momentum by providing seed capital and participating as an LP.

BeyondCapital has established an active Angel Network created to fill the funding gap and to equip Angels with knowledge and skills needed to navigate the world of early-stage startups. BeyondCapital also works with individual
'Scouts' to source investment deals and opportunities that are backed by funding from BeyondCapital.

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