Bank al Etihad

Bank al Etihad was established in 1978 as a Jordanian banking and financial services organization, with the family and human values at the core of its operations.

The bank positions the satisfaction of its clients – whether they be individuals, entrepreneurs, corporates or impactful women – at the forefront of its priorities.

The year 2018 was a year focused on technology and digital transformation with the aim to achieve a customercentric banking journey. The bank launched a mobile banking app and website; newly designed channels enabling customers to bank on their terms anyhow, anywhere, anytime. Designed on UX, the new app offers unique tools and features to help customers transact, pay bills, and take control of their cards with simplicity, security and speed; putting the future directly in their hands. Bank al Etihad champions technology, innovation and entrepreneurialism as the guiding principles that help people build their lives and achieve their goals.

Throughout its journey, supporting the local community has and continues to be an integral part of the bank’s mission, creating tangible impact on the lives of society members across different segments. Firmly believing that its prosperity is directly linked to the development of the communities to which it belongs, the bank has assumed the responsibility of advancing youth and education; elevating the entrepreneurial scene; and promoting arts and culture. These dedicated efforts are led by a passionate and driven team that demonstrate a sense of belonging, volunteerism and giving, sharing the bank’s goal to prompt positive change within the community – both today and tomorrow.

With total assets of 4.43 billion (USD 6.25 billion) as of September 2019, a paid up capital of JOD 160 million (USD 225.6 million), shareholders’ equity of JOD 376 million (USD 530.7 million) and a capital adequacy ratio of 13.65%, the bank witnessed outstanding results and achievements driven by its committed team, shareholders, and customers who define Bank al Etihad.

Bank al Etihad positions itself as a lifelong partner to its customers, offering a growing network of 48 branches and 118 ATMs distributed across the Kingdom; a central exchange unit, a financial brokerage company (Etihad Brokerage), a financial leasing company (Etihad Leasing Co.), and Etihad for Financial Technology.

Bank al Etihad has also acquired a consolidating stake of 62.4% in Safwa Islamic Bank and owns a 10% stake in The National Bank in Palestine and assumes one seat on its board.

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