Awraq Investments

Awraq Investments, incorporated in 1992, is one of the premier investment companies in Jordan and a subsidiary of Cairo Amman Bank.
Awraq’s experienced and highly qualified team provides clients with a wide spectrum of investment services, at the highest international standards. There is a solid level of confidence and trust between Awraq and its shareholders and partners. This stability assures and empowers the company to engage in confident secure investments.
Awraq strives to foster a creative, dynamic and entrepreneurial culture, allowing the company to deliver innovative and pioneering solutions to its customers whose interests are the cornerstone of Awraq’s operations. Awraq aims to maintain the highest ethical standards, for clients to feel confident having Awraq as their ultimate investment option.
Awraq Investments caters to both local and international clients by meeting their needs and requirements for trading in the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE). Additionally, Awraq Investments Regional and International Equity Brokerage has grown to become one of the top brokerage houses in Jordan, providing its services to a wide client base of corporate institutions, high net-worth individuals and retailers. Portfolio managers focus on developing optimal asset allocation strategies for clients, preparing and managing investment portfolios and adopting a risk and return optimizing framework.
By trading through Awraq, clients are able to execute transactions in various markets all under one roof. Awraq has set up a well-established network of brokers in regional and international markets.
Moreover, Awraq has access to the Palestinian Exchange through its sister company, Al Watanieh Securities, which enhances the client’s scope into the investment decision making path.
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