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Established in 1930, Arab Bank, headquartered in Amman, Jordan, has one of the largest global Arab banking networks with over 600 branches spanning five continents. Arab Bank’s extensive network covers key financial markets and centers such as London, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Geneva, Paris, Frankfurt, Sydney, and Bahrain. As one of the leading banks in the MENA region, Arab Bank plays an integral role in financing vital infrastructure projects and strategic industries throughout the region. Arab Bank offers a comprehensive range of products and services covering the major areas of Consumer Banking and Wealth Management, Corporate and Institutional Banking, SME Banking, and Treasury services.

In Consumer Banking and Wealth Management, in addition to the basic types of accounts, the bank offers a complete suite of programs designed to provide customers with banking services and products based on their lifecycle. The programs cover children, youth, salaried employees, executives, self-employed, SMEs as well as medium and high networth individuals. The bank also offers personal loans, home loans, auto loans,
credit cards, term deposits, funds transfer services, currency exchange and Wealth Management solutions in addition to “Tabeeb Plus” package, offering doctors and dentists customized banking solutions, and the cross border regional services and benefits. Consumer Banking offerings are supported by a vast regional network of branches and a comprehensive range of digital banking services, including “Arabi Mobile” app, “Arabi Online” Service, “Arabi MobiCash” payment app, as well as several digital products and services available via “Arabi Mobile” app including the digital mortgages loan service “Baeti”, Instant Loan, Insurance Solutions, Personal Assistance Service “Al Arabi” Chatbot, and a network of advanced ATMs including drive-thru ATMs. Arab Bank’s fully-fledged self-service branch and plug-ins in selected branches offer around-the-clock easy and secure services including instant issuing and renewing of debit cards and issuing account statements in addition to communicating in real-time with the bank's employees during and after official working hours through the Interactive Teller Machine (ITM). The bank also offers digital onboarding solutions and a relationship-based loyalty program “Arabi Points”.

At the Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB) front, Arab Bank is considered one of the leading providers of financial solutions for corporations across the region and internationally. The range of products and services includes Corporate Finance and Commercial Lending, Project and Structured Finance, Trade Finance, Cash Management and Transaction Banking, and Capital Markets. Additionally, CIB offers a comprehensive range of advanced corporate digital banking solutions in line with the latest developments in the banking industry, which includes the “ArabiConnect” cash management and trade finance corporate platform and mobile app as well as “ArabiSync” host to-host solution, among others.

In SME Banking, the bank offers specialized services across dedicated SME centers across Jordan, in addition to a multi-dimensional approach to support SMEs, with tailored banking services and financial offerings – both physical and digital. Arab Bank launched a host of new digital banking services for its SME clients to facilitate access to finance and transactions.

Treasury services are provided through a global network of treasury centers. Arab Bank’s teams of highly experienced market specialists provide support to customers across the region with products and services which cover money markets, foreign exchange, and bonds. The bank also provides corporate customers with hedging solutions.

Arab Bank has also launched Reflect; a leading regional Neobank offering a modern, simple, and customer-friendly banking experience. Customers can open an account digitally, issue a virtual card, apply for a credit card and order their own debit card delivered to their doorstep for free. Reflect also offers other financial solutions like QR Payments, split the bill, saving spaces and other bill payments, all from within the app and much more.

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Certifications and Awards

Arab Bank received several international awards and recognitions from reputable international parties. Some of the notable awards in 2022 and 2023: GLOBAL FINANCE
• Best Bank in the Middle East (for eight consecutive years)
• Best Open Banking APIs in the Middle East and Jordan
• Best Trade Finance Provider in the Middle East, Jordan, Palestine, and Algeria
• Best Bank for Cash Management in the Middle East, Jordan, Morocco, and Qatar
• World's Best Integrated Consumer Banking Site
• World's Best Financial Innovation Labs
• Best Integrated Consumer Banking Site in the Middle East and Jordan
• Best User Experience (UX) Design in Jordan
• Best Information Security and Fraud Management in the Middle East and Jordan
• Best Bill Payment & Presentment in the Middle East and Jordan
• Best Foreign Exchange Provider in Jordan
• Best Trade Finance Services in Jordan
• Best Sustainable Finance Bank in Jordan
• Most Innovative Digital Bank in Jordan
• Best Mobile Banking Adaptive Site in Jordan
• Best SME Banking in the Middle East and Jordan
• Best Mobile Banking App (Corporate/Institutional) in Jordan
• Best Mobile Banking App (Consumer) in Jordan
• Best in Social Media Marketing and Services in Jordan
• Best in Lending in Jordan
• Best Consumer Digital Bank In Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt
• Best Corporate/Institutional Digital Bank in Palestine and Morocco
• Best Online Deposit, Card and Investment Product Offerings in Jordan
• Best SME Bank in Jordan EUROMONEY
• Best Bank in Jordan
• Best Bank for Digital Solutions in Jordan EMEA FINANCE
• Best Cash Management Services in the Middle East
• Best Trade Finance Services in the Middle East
• Best Bank for Corporate Social Responsibility in the Middle East
• Best Local Bank in Jordan
• Best Foreign Bank in UAE
The Banker (published by the Financial Times)
• Bank of the Year in Jordan GLOBAL TRADE REVIEW
• Best Trade Finance Bank in Jordan MEED
• MENA SME Bank of the Year

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