Arab Bank

Established in 1930, Arab Bank headquartered in Amman, Jordan has one of the largest global Arab banking networks with over 600 branches spanning five continents. Arab Bank’s extensive network covers key financial markets and centers such as London, Dubai, Singapore, Geneva, Paris, Frankfurt, Sydney and Bahrain.

As one of the leading banks in the MENA region, Arab Bank plays an integral role in financing vital infrastructure projects and strategic industries throughout the region. True to its founding vision of enabling the Arab world to reach preeminence, Arab Bank continues to be an engine of economic growth and an enabler of social and community development.

Arab Bank offers a comprehensive range of products and services covering the major areas of Consumer Banking, Corporate and Institutional Banking, and Treasury services.

In Consumer Banking, in addition to the basic types of accounts, the bank offers a complete suite of programs designed to provide customers with banking services and benefits based on their lifecycle. The programs cover children, youth, salaried employees, executives, self-employed as well as medium and high net-worth individuals. The bank also offers personal loans, home loans, auto loans, credit cards, term deposits, funds transfer services, currency exchange and investment opportunities. That’s in addition to the cross-border services and benefits across the bank’s regional network. Consumer Banking offerings are supported by Arab Bank’s vast regional network of branches and a comprehensive range of digital banking services, including: “Arabi Mobile” app, “Arabi Online” service, “Arabi MobiCash” payment app, finger vein customer identification which is the first of its kind in the region, along with an extensive network of advanced ATMs including drive-thru ATMs. This is in addition to Arab Bank’s fully-fledged self-service branch and self-service plug-ins in selected branches offering around the clock service that allows customers to carry out a wide range of transactions easily and securely, including instant issuing and renewing of debit cards and communicating in real-time with a bank representative through the Interactive Teller Machine (ITM). The bank also offers a digital onboarding solution through which an account with Arab Bank can be opened easily in 3 simple steps via “Arabi Mobile” app with a quick visit to any of the bank’s branches to activate the account.

At the Corporate and Institutional Banking front, Arab Bank is considered one of the leading providers of financial solutions for corporations across the MENA region and internationally. The range of products and services includes Corporate Finance and Commercial Lending, Project and Structured Finance, Trade Finance, Cash Management and Transaction Banking, and Capital Markets. Corporate and Institutional Banking further offers dynamic digital solutions enabling clients to effectively manage their cash flow and liquidity and to optimize the delivery of their business operations, trade finance flows and financial day-to-day transactional requirements. This includes “ArabiConnect” cash management and trade finance corporate platform and mobile app as well as “ArabiSync” host-to-host solution, among others.

Treasury services are provided through a global network of Treasury centres. Arab Bank’s teams of highly experienced market specialists provide support to customers across the region with products and services which cover money markets, foreign exchange and bonds. The bank also provides corporate customers with hedging solutions which range from simple foreign exchange hedging tools such as swaps and options, to highly complex tailor-made structured products.

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Certifications & Awards

Arab Bank received several international awards and recognitions from
reputable international parties. Some notable awards in 2019 & 2018 include:
Global Finance
• Best Bank in the Middle East (for four consecutive years).
• Best Trade Finance Provider in the Middle East, Jordan, and Morocco.
• Best in Social Media Marketing and Services in the Middle East and Jordan.
• Best Website Design in the Middle East and Jordan.
• Digital Bank of Distinction (the Best Local Corporate/Institutional Digital
Bank) in Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain and Lebanon.
• Best Treasury and Cash Management Bank in Jordan, Morocco, Bahrain,
Lebanon, and Qatar.
• Best Consumer Digital Bank in Jordan, Palestine and Egypt.
• Best Bank in Jordan and Yemen.
• Best Private Bank in Jordan.
• Best Foreign Exchange Provider in Jordan.
• Best Mobile Banking App (for smartphones and tablets) in Jordan.
• Best Online Cash Management in Jordan.
• Best Online Trade Finance Services in Jordan.
• The Safest Bank in Jordan.
• The Middle East’s Best Bank.
• Best Bank for SMEs in the Middle East.
• Jordan’s Best Bank.
• Palestine’s Best Bank.
• Jordan’s Best Bank for Asia.
EMEA Finance
• Best FX Services in the Middle East.
• Best Trade Finance Services in the Middle East.
• Best Transactional Bank for Financial Institutions in the Middle East.
• Best Local Bank.
The Banker - Financial Times
• Bank of the Year in Jordan.
Global Investor
• Cash Manager of the Year in the Middle East.
Global Trade Review
• Best Trade Finance Bank in Jordan.
Union of Arab Banks
• The Best Digital Bank in the Middle East.
World Union of Arab Bankers
• Best Bank for Banking Services Quality in the Middle East.

Summarized Financial Results

• Arab Bank Group closed 2018 with solid results reporting net income after tax of $820.5 million as compared to $533 million in 2017. The Group’s net operating income grew by 8% driven by growth in net interest and commission income.
• Credit facilities increased by 3% to reach $ 25.8 billion while customer deposits increased to reach $34.3 billion.
• Arab Bank Group enjoys strong liquidity and robust capitalization. The Group’s loan-to-deposit ratio stood at 75.2% while capital adequacy ratio improved to reach 15.6% as at end of December 2018.

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