Arab Assurers insurance co.

Arab Assurers insurance company seeks to be the best company in the insurance field.

It is a limited and public joint stock company, founded in 1996.

Arab Assurers have become one of the largest and most widespread Jordanian insurance companies.

It deals with a wide range of insurance products, which enables the company to absorb and manage risks.

This is an essential element of the company’s success and its promotion with a focus on value, quality, trust and services; combined with institutional financial solutions and additional services for marine insurance, cars, property, engineering, general accidents and personal responsibility.

These services meet the needs of customers and also meet their current and future expectations.

All of this is accomplished through the strict enforcement of the quality system, and in accordance with ISO 9001/2000 quality assurance instructions.

Customers should choose Arab Assurers because of the principles that control its work, and how the company communicates with its clients with great transparency and appreciation.

Arab Assurers interacts closely with its customers to then meet their needs. The company makes the right decisions as a result of its competencies coupled with experience. It exploits its resources to find innovative solutions in response to the market needs, adapts the working environment to attract the best staff to serve its customers, and completely commits to transparency and ethical principles.

These are the key factors at the heart of Arab Assurers’ success.

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