Amwalcom is a financial comparison platform providing financial institutions (banks, micro-finance companies- MFIs and leasing companies) with hot leads of people interested in financial products. These leads are tailored to the policies of the financial institutions, therefore providing them with an ROI higher than any other marketing tool. Amwalcom receives more than 12000 unique visitors/ month and more than 3000 applications/month that are validated and shared with the different financial institutions.

Amwalcom also participates in applying the financial inclusion strategy of the Central Bank by not only serving the banked, but also the unbanked and the under-banked in all governorates. People are provided with detailed online information about the different offers from the different institutions in addition to financial tips and information provided through articles and videos. This is all for free, thereby increasing financial literacy. Amwalcom has invested in technology guiding both banked and unbanked users to the related financial product offerings through a unique technology component and has recently released their Chatbot on Facebook.


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