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Since its establishment in 1966, Alawneh Exchange has taken pride in providing customers with the most practical, innovative and reliable currency exchange and money transfer service in Jordan and the

The mission of Alawneh Exchange is to erase boundaries between individuals, cities, countries and continents. This mission has been clearly manifested by the slogan “Closer to You”.

Alawneh Exchange locally operates the widest network of branches, with 40 state-of-the-art branches covering all areas and cities around the Kingdom.

Internationally, Alawneh Exchange works with the most prominent partners and employs the latest technologies and e-channels to provide safe and efficient currency exchange and money transfer solutions in Jordan and around the world.

Customer service representatives at Alawneh Exchange are well trained, serving more than 750K loyal customers, motivated by the continuous search for ever higher standards to reward customers with value, honesty and peace of mind.

Alawneh Exchange consistently delivers on its promises to customers, by valuing creative, original and progressive thinking in business solutions. The company empowers its employees through teamwork and a culture of encouragement, support and self-improvement.

Alawneh Exchange’s core system is integrated with 90% of its partners/agents abroad and a call center equipped with the latest technology that has a structured customer feedback process. Alawneh Exchange has 120+ correspondent banks and agents outside and inside Jordan.

This core system enables Alawneh Exchange to integrate with other systems in easy and simple steps through standard API technology.

Alawneh Exchange is a major currency exchange dealer in Jordan, exporting and importing all major currencies at very competitive rates.

Alawneh Exchange is a member of SWIFT (ALELJOM) since 2010, serving Bank-to-Bank payments through its correspondent bank, instant P2P payments through the largest MTO's and agents and as a Western Union– Business Solution provider since 2019.

Alawneh Exchange is committed to combating money laundering, fraud and terrorist financing. Its policy is based on compliance with the instructions of the Central Bank of Jordan and the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), with regard to methods based on principles of risk reduction in order to mitigate the potential risks of misuse of the company's products and services by criminals. Alawneh Exchange is well known for its role in working with all sectors and regulatory bodies to stop money laundering, terrorist financing, and fraud. Therefore, all transactions are monitored. Any suspicious transactions are handled according to international standards.

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