Al Rajhi Bank

Al Rajhi Bank is the largest Islamic bank in the world, founded in 1957.

Al Rajhi Bank continues to develop banking programs and projects, with a focus on the latest customer centric services and investment products, in order to offer innovative banking and investment services; especially digital banking.

Al Rajhi Bank has an international presence in Malaysia, Kuwait in addition to Jordan. The bank has been operating in Jordan since 2011. The bank grew its network to 10 branches in Jordan covering the top three populated governorates of Amman, Irbid and Zarqa. In addition, the bank has been developing an efficient operation model that focuses on facilitating and improving digital banking solutions, to reach out to customers anywhere they reside and at any time they find convenient.

With more than 35 ATMs and an advanced E-banking platform, Al Rajhi Bank reaches its growing number of corporate and retail customers; providing them with a wide spectrum of Islamic-compliant products and services to meet their financial requirements.

مصرف الراجحي

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