Al Mawared Brokerage

Al Mawared Brokerage was established in 2006 as a private shareholding company fully owned by INVESTBANK, with a capital of JOD 5 million.

Al Mawared Brokerage is an investment banking firm active in Brokerage, Corporate Finance and Research. The firm’s clients include local, regional and international investors, both retail and institutional.

The Brokerage services cover all necessary aspects of securities trading in the Jordanian market, supported by a dedicated team of experienced brokers, IT infrastructure and research. Al Mawared’s market share of ASE trading volume stood at 2.8%, at the end of August 2019.

Corporate Finance services include financial advisory and placement services. Since the beginning of 2018, Al Mawared acted as advisor and placement agent to a number of corporate clients, raising around JD 25 million in funding, in the form of equity and debt investments.

Research services provide clients with various research and analysis that is designed to offer unique insights into the latest economic and corporate developments and trends. Al Mawared research produces Weekly Capital Market Reports, Equity Research, Sector Reviews and themed research reports. Al Mawared also produces custom
made reports tailored to meet special requirements of clients.

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