Al-Manara Islamic Insurance

Al-Manara Islamic Insurance Company has recently announced the issuance and marketing of Takaful insurance policies that are compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia; and also in accordance with the Insurance Business Regulation Law No. (12) of 2021 and the Takaful Insurance starting from 01/01/2023.

For over 48 years in the insurance sector in Jordan, Al-Manara Insurance Company has been offering all types of insurance products and services. Al-Manara is a ‘lighthouse company’ that helps you facilitate your daily life, by providing solutions that keep your valuables in safe hands. In 1974, Al-Manara was established under the name of the Arabian Seas Insurance Company with several investors and board members being involved throughout the company’s history.

New investors acquired Al-Manara in 2019 and assigned very reputable board members with extensive experience, in both financial and insurance fields, with H.E. Mazen Al-Qadi as a chairman for the company. A new well-experienced management team has also been assigned under the leadership of Mr. Waleed Al Qutati, as general manager, to enable the company to achieve the goals it has set.

The mission and values of Al-Manara include working to provide peace of mind to customers by obtaining insurance coverage and appropriate services; applying international standards and best professional practices in providing various services to all those who deal with the company; ensuring the sustainability of the company and the continuity of growth.

Al-Manara has drawn up a strategy and business plan to become one of the top five insurance companies in Jordan in the coming five years and to become the preferred choice for customers, despite all the challenges faced by the sector. As technology is taking over daily life, Al- Manara’s plan includes digitalising processes and the company is also investing in its human resources, aiming to raise the knowledge and efficiency of employees while providing an attractive and comfortable work environment to increase their productivity. 

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