Al Faris National Investment Group (Optimiza)

Optimiza is a leading regional platform for digital transformation and systems integration, helping clients achieve operational excellence and profitability. With over 40 years of experience and a team of over 400 experts, Optimiza provides innovative consulting, business, and technology solutions to meet your needs. Optimiza’s cutting-edge solutions for the banking and insurance sectors include Aman, IDC-17, AML, AML Connect, FDI-9, and OSS - all designed to automate operations, ensure compliance, and enhance your digital transformation journey.

Aman is an insurance management system that streamlines operations and supports digital transformation with dynamic portals, mobile apps, and BI tools.

IDC-17 is an industry-leading insurance data calculation system based on IFRS-17 standards.

AML is an anti-money laundering system that automates policy and regulation compliance by detecting and reporting suspicious transactions.

AML Connect is an anti-money laundering middleware that ensures compliance with goAML UNODC requirements.

FDI-9 is a financial data instruments system that calculates the probability of default for Expected Credit Loss provisioning in adherence to IFRS 9 principles.

OSS is an offsite supervision system and electronic files generator designed for compliance and governance according to Central Bank of Jordan requirements.


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