Al Arabi Investment Group (Member of Arab Bank Group)

Al Arabi Investment Group (AB Invest) is the investment banking arm of Arab Bank and is a leading full-service investment bank in Jordan with coverage across the Middle East.

The company serves its clients through its comprehensive brokerage, asset management, and corporate finance verticals.

AB Invest is the largest private asset manager in Jordan in terms of third party assets under management.

AB Invest also serves a wide range of Jordanian, regional, and international brokerage clients who invest in MENA, European and North American equities and fixed income markets.

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Summarized Financial Results

• Net Income decreased by 16.7% in 2019 to JOD1.24 million
• Return on Equity in 2019: 6.48%
• Return on Assets in 2019: 5.21%


• Investment Manager
• Issuance Manager
• Financial Advisor
• Local Broker
• Regional Broker
• International Broker
• Margin Financing

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