Jordan Ahli Bank established the AHLI FINTECH Company in August 2017, making it the first Fintech Company fully-owned by a licensed bank in Jordan. The vision of AHLI FINTECH is to promote the FinTech ecosystem and establish itself as a regional hub for FinTech innovation.

The company is designed to develop FinTech talent through various activities and initiatives, (including FinTech events, conferences, workshops and training sessions) and offers fintech innovators and startups the opportunity to accelerate their business through the AHLI FINTECH Accelerator.

The accelerator offers a wide range of benefits, including Startup Capital (up to $200K in seed funding); Access To A Global Network of professionals and fintech experts; Advice & Mentorship support from the large community of ahli Bank mentors, partners and vendors who will provide you with valuable insight, guidance and technical support; Ahli Sandbox Environment providing free access to over 200 open banking-APIs, Free Workspace, Pilot Launch your fintech application with real ahli bank customers; then startups can Join The Ahli Family once they pass the Central Bank of Jordan’s compliance review and Ahli Sandbox verification.

During the second half of 2018, applications to join the AHLI FINTECH Seed Accelerator started coming in through the company’s website (ahlifintech.com/ apply). By the deadline of December 31, 2018, one hundred and seventeen applications were received from twelve countries.

AHLI FINTECH also launched the first digital onboarding solution in the Kingdom for Jordan Ahli Bank, enabling their customers to open their new initial bank account online within minutes. This initial account includes an IBAN number, a Debit Card to deposit funds, and a few small steps to gain full access to the complete banking services offered by the bank.

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