Ahli Financial Leasing

Financial Leasing is considered one of the most advanced methods of financing capital assets. Under a financial lease, the lessee (the client) is able to benefit from a specific asset in return of periodic payments for a specific period of time by the end of which the ownership of the asset is transferred to the lessee automatically, or for exchange of a previously agreed upon amount. The option of acquiring ownership of the asset before the lease contract ends is also available.
ahli Financial Leasing company was established as an independent company entirely owned by Jordan ahli Bank in 2009. The aim is to provide a comprehensive range of banking products and non-traditional alternative financing solutions in order to be on top of continuous development of banking markets, and to cater to the various needs of individual and corporate clients. Within a short period of time, ahli Financial Leasing company was able to become one of the most distinguished and leading companies to offer financial leasing services.
The vision of ahli Financial Leasing is to become a leading financial leasing provider in Jordan and the Levant region. Its mission is to contribute to the growth of the leasing sector, as well as, the Jordanian economy by offering integrated and innovative leasing solutions to support a wide range of clients. 
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