Microfinance & Loan Companies

Microfund for Women

Microfund for Women (MFW) is Jordan’s first and largest Non-For-Profit Private Shareholding Company. The organization is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, and women in particular, through an array of financial and non-financial services designed to support their businesses and livelihoods while helping them achieve financial Inclusion. Founded in 1994, MFW was one of the first MFIs to be licensed by the Central Bank of Jordan, receiving its licensing in 2018.

Ahli Microfinance Company (AMC)

Ahli Microfinance Company (AMC) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Jordan Ahli Bank, established in July 1999, and is the first microfinance company in the private sector in Jordan. 
AMC was established to offer credit facilities to micro and small businesses, supporting the march towards economic and social development in the whole Kingdom. 
Till today, AMC has provided more than JD 241 million worth of loans with a total number of 288,500 clients through 27 branches. 

Tamweelcom (Jordan Micro Finance Company)

Tamweelcom (Jordan Microfinance Company) started with JD 30,000, five employees, and one branch in 1999; with the purpose of elevating employment rates, fostering socioeconomic advancement and empowering low-income individuals within Jordan.

Today Tamweelcom, and after many milestones, has JD 63 million portfolio, serving more than 98,300 active clients and enterprises through over 500 employees spread across a network of 39 branches.

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