Leasing Companies

Etihad Leasing Company

Established in 2016, Etihad Leasing Company is an independent wholly owned subsidiary of Bank al Etihad.

The values of Etihad Leasing Company are derived from the Jordanian Financial Leasing Law and the Islamic Sharia Law.

Customers of Etihad Leasing Company are at the core of everything the company does.

Al-Kawthar Leasing

Al-Kawthar Leasing Company is a private shareholding company, founded in 2022, and wholly owned by Arab Jordan Investment Bank (AJIB) with a capital of JOD 8 million.

It is the first financial leasing company that is compliant with the provisions of Islamic law under the umbrella of the Al-Shari'a Supervisory Board. The company offers the best financing solutions that meet the unique needs of both its individual and corporate customers.

Ahli Financial Leasing

Financial Leasing is considered one of the most advanced methods of financing capital assets. Under a financial lease, the lessee (the client) is able to benefit from a specific asset in return of periodic payments for a specific period of time by the end of which the ownership of the asset is transferred to the lessee automatically, or for exchange of a previously agreed upon amount. The option of acquiring ownership of the asset before the lease contract ends is also available.

Tamallak Leasing Company

Tamallak for Financial Leasing is a limited liability company and a subsidiary of Cairo Amman Bank, established in 2013, proceeding with its activities in 2014.
The company offers a full range of leasing services, through several programs tailored to fit the nature of the lessee’s activities, needs and cash flows. Tamallak serves various economic sectors through its branches in Amman and Irbid.

Specialized Leasing Company

The Specialized Leasing Company is a private shareholding company founded by the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance on 30.5.2005, and it proceeded its activities in 2006. It currently holds a capital of 30 million Jordanian Dinars.
The vision of the Specialized Leasing Company is to establish the concept of financial leasing, develop suitable solutions and alternatives to meet the client's needs, and keep abreast of the developments in the financial and banking markets by providing innovative financial services of the highest quality.

Ejara Leasing Company

Ejara Leasing Company was established in 2011, as a private shareholding company fully-owned by Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB).
Ejara Leasing Company provides innovative and high quality leasing solutions for fixed assets to individuals, SMEs and corporate clients to supplement JKB’s banking and financial services to be in line with the developments in the financial market and to support the various economic activities.
The company has three branches which are the Head Office located in Amman and branches in Aqaba and Irbid.

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