Electronic Payments and Wallets


SEDRAPAY is a leading provider of payment technology and integrated software solutions. Founded in 2018, due to the rapid need for digital transformation, the company provides cutting edge payments and software solutions to enterprise businesses to simplify their services and cultivate their vision of success.


HyperPay is your gateway to bigger opportunities. The company is one of the MENA region's leading and fastest growing online payments solutions providers. Founded by Muhannad Ebwini, and headquartered in Saudi Arabia, HyperPay today services more than 2,000 merchants across seven countries and has a leadership position in Saudi Arabia.


AlawnehPay has established itself as the leading mobile payment service provider in Jordan. Licensed by the Central Bank of Jordan.

AlawnehPay leverages advanced technology to make financial transactions easy, accessible, and secure for everyone.

AlawnehPay is committed to enhancing everyday financial interactions and delivering exceptional financial services to the Jordanian community.

Zain Cash

Zain Cash is Jordan's pioneering fintech leader, revolutionizing the financial landscape with cutting-edge digital solutions for both businesses and individuals.

Zain Cash delivers a comprehensive suite of innovative mobile financial services, ensuring top-notch security and unparalleled convenience, transforming the way you handle financial transactions.


UWallet, an innovative payment service provider, stands at the center of Jordan's digital financial revolution. 
Through UWallet, individuals and corporations can make immediate payments, transfer funds, and make purchases easily and safely through advanced solutions. In addition, it provides users with a seamless and secure financial platform.

Orange Money

Orange Jordan is a leading provider of integrated communication services with an expanding base of around 4.1 million customers across the Kingdom. In January 2020, Petra Mobile Payment Service Company, a subsidiary supported by Orange Jordan brand and Orange Group’s expertise in mobile payments, launched Orange Money wallet to enhance financial inclusion and provide advanced, fast and reliable mobile payment services across Jordan, in line with the Central Bank’s national financial inclusion strategy.


At the forefront of fintech and artificial intelligence, MadfoatCom is transforming digital financial services.

Established in 2011, the company provides cutting-edge solutions accessible to businesses, governments, and individuals worldwide.

Driven by a vision to revolutionize digital payments, MadfoatCom has gained recognition for its real-time payment processing solutions.

Supported by strategic partnerships and esteemed local and regional shareholders, the company has achieved remarkable growth year-after-year.

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