Tanmeyah – Jordan Microfinance Network

Tanmeyah- Jordan Microfinance Network was established and formally registered as a non-profit institution at the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2007. It was created to become the representative of the microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Jordan, replacing the Microfinance Association of Jordan (MAJ).

The network’s main objective is to develop a sustainable microfinance industry that will become an integral part of the national financial system in Jordan. Tanmeyah- Jordan Microfinance Network works on supporting the development of the microfinance sector, through advocacy and by spreading awareness on behalf of its MFIs members; as well as by disseminating the up-to-date practices and developments in the microfinance sector. Fundamentally, the network focuses its efforts on supporting the implementation of the appropriate regulation environment, which will lead to a healthy benchmarking criteria and will set the performance standards that will reflect positively on the sector as a whole.

Vision, Mission and Core Values
Tanmeyah- Jordan Microfinance Network has worked closely over the past years with stakeholders to achieve its objectives and to fulfill its vision and mission statements. Its partners and stakeholders include the Microfinance Institutions, the Central Bank of Jordan, Governmental Ministries and related organizations, donors’ community, meso-level players (trainers, media representatives, etc.), current and potential clients, and the public at large.

The vision of Tanmeyah- Jordan Microfinance Network is to become an active network that effectively supports the microfinance industry in Jordan. Its mission is to facilitate the creation of an enabling environment for the development of a sustainable microfinance industry in Jordan through the participation of all stakeholders. The goal of Tanmeyah- Jordan Microfinance Network is to To support the further development and integration of the microfinance sector within the national financial system in Jordan. Its Core Values are accountability and transparency; equity and equality in the treatment of members; adherence to microfinance best practices; good governance; and supporting environment-friendly enterprises.

Tanmeyah- Jordan Microfinance Network Objectives:
• Build consensus regarding best practices and standards for the microfinance sector.
• Represent the microfinance sector in Jordan.
• Become the lead source of market intelligence, information, research and analysis on microfinance in Jordan.
• Become an effective market facilitator by promoting innovations, linkages, partnerships, and exchanges among all stakeholders.
• Build institutional and financial capacity to sustainably deliver on vision, mission and goals, for maximum impact.

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