Jordanian Association of the Leasing Companies

The Jordanian Association of Leasing Companies was created after a long work and continuous effort by its members. The volume of financial leasing in Jordan today can no longer be ignored. It has become an important part of the main financing system in Jordan.

The objectives and activities of the association are to serve the development of the sector and to spread the culture of leasing between the various economic activities; as well as to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that exist or will occur between Association of the Leasing Companies and governmental institutions. Then to implement the principle of true partnership between the public sector and the private sector.

Among the association’s key objectives is to raise awareness regarding leasing at both individual and corporate levels, by holding workshops and spreading marketing material including brochures, flyers and toolkits.

Vision and Mission of the Society: 

Vision: To consolidate the concept of financial leasing in the community and make it a tool of the basic financial system in all sectors

Mission: We seek to improve the leasing sector and to promote it by achieving the highest degree of coordination among leasing partners and developing the working procedures in the leasing sector. The Association aims to improve the work of leasing and to promote it through the following:

• Joint Action: We work with members in the spirit of one team, in order to serve the national economy.
• Evolution and Modernity: Improving the performance and modernization of leasing companies.
• Innovation: We develop creative ideas to serve members and to provide their services with quality and excellence.
• Integrity and Transparency: Transfer of knowledge and exchange of information with the highest standards of integrity and transparency.
• Professionalism: We work with high professionalism, comprehensive coverage of everything that happens in the Jordanian leasing environment.
• Credibility: We follow the approach of accuracy and reliability and we investigate the sources of our information with high accuracy.
• Meetings and Visits: The Association has held many meetings and visits since its establishment. Its aim was to strengthen channels of communication and provide bridges of knowledge between the Association of the Leasing Companies (members of the Association) and various official institutions and various sectors (including the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Department of Land and Survey, Department of Income and Sales Tax, The Association of Banks). The Association has held a workshop with all the land departments.
Board Members of The Jordanian Association of the Leasing Companies:
Nabal Freihat: Chairman of the Board of Directors
Arafat Odeh Allah: Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
Reem Al Mohtasib: Secretary
Iyad Jarrar: Member


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