FinTech (Financial Technology) Startups


AmwalCom is a one stop shop to compare between and apply for different financial product offerings all in one place including Personal loans, Housing loans, Car Loans, Credit Cards, Current Accounts, Saving Accounts, Children Accounts, Fixed Deposits.

Therefore, it save users the time and effort to travel around in person to compare offers and also eventually saves them money by enabling them to obtain the best deal that also best fits their needs.


Solfeh is a private micro-lending institution that started in 2016 in Amman, Jordan. The mission of the organization is to digitize and facilitate the loan process. Solfeh allows everyone to have access to critical financial services. Emergency cash is easy, quick and painless to access through Solfeh’s streamlined online system. Solfeh embarked on a plan to allow everyone to have access to critical financial services. Solfeh's vision is “to make obtaining loans easy, simple, and painless.”